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Jawbone Atrophy After Wearing Dentures: What are my options?


shutterstock_80224186-Custom-300x223Long-term denture wearers eventually experience the effects of jawbone atrophy, most noticeably a serious decline in the fit of the denture. This phenomenon occurs when the roots of the missing biological teeth are no longer available to stabilize the jawbone, which wears away over time as a result.

While conventional dentures can be relined or replaced to improve their fit after the jaw’s contour has changed, many patients want to avoid the need for repeated adjustments to their appliances as the years pass. To upgrade to a more stable denture, these patients should look into All on 4 as an alternative.

All on 4 uses just four dental implants to anchor a prosthetic arch. The outer two dental implants are angled beneath the gumline to make them better situated to support the entire rear section of the denture.

The oral surgeon places those four dental implants near the front of the jaw, where the bone is thicker initially and erodes more slowly. For this reason, patients who have already experienced atrophy of the back portion of the jaw may still be eligible for All on 4 dental implants.

Patients who are interested in All on 4 should consult with an oral surgeon to be evaluated and determine whether it might be recommended for their case. If you decide to move forward, you can have the dental implants placed in a single appointment and may be able to get a temporary appliance at the end of that session. After the implants have been fully osseointegrated, you can get your stronger permanent denture.

In addition to improved comfort and fit, All on 4 dental implants are more effective at chewing than a conventional denture. The bond between the bone and the dental implants helps the appliance to withstand stronger chewing forces, so you don’t have to give up your favorite foods.

Are you fed up with old dentures that are always shifting out of place? Look into All on 4 dental implants for a more stable smile. Call our office today to schedule your initial consultation.