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How Should I Care for My Implant Immediately After Surgery?


gauze-dental-implants-300x213Taking care of your dental implant immediately after surgery is important for avoiding infection and making sure that the surgery site heals properly.

As we mentioned in a recent post, it’s recommended that after implant surgery you stick to a soft food diet. Hard or sticky foods could become lodged in the surgery site or loosen sutures that have been used to close the wound area.

In addition to maintaining a soft-food diet, it’s also recommended that you:

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions when it comes to pain medications. You may be prescribed a narcotic pain medication or instructed to take over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen.
  • Keep gauze over the surgery site for a few hours after the procedure. You should change the gauze about every thirty minutes.
  • Avoid alcoholic or carbonated beverages for five days.
  • Avoid the use of straws for five days, as they may reopen the surgery area.
  • Do not chew on the surgery site.
  • Avoid smoking for five days to promote healing.
  • Avoid brushing the surgery area but continue brushing as you normally would elsewhere.
  • Rinse gently with a prescription mouthwash following the instructions of your doctor. If you don’t have a prescription mouthwash, rinse with lightly salted water four to six times a day. Do not use any non-prescription mouthwashes for five days after surgery.

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