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How can a long-term denture wearer get an upgrade?


Lakeway-All-on-4-200x300Many patients who have worn dentures for a number of years become dissatisfied with their appliances over time. The shape of the jaw changes, and the dentures lose their fit and comfort. Fortunately, even long-term denture wearers can get a better experience with dental implants.

A technique known as All on 4 uses just four implants to secure an entire prosthetic arch. The outer two implants are angled beneath the jaw so that they are better equipped to hold up the entire rear portion of the denture. Typically, an oral surgeon can only place dental implants in a patient with adequate bone tissue to support osseointegration. However, long-term denture wearers often lose a significant amount of bone as the years pass, and that bone loss can increase the risk of implant failure. The All of 4 technique helps patients overcome that potential pitfall, though. Because the oral surgeon places the dental implants toward the front of the jaw, many patients are good candidates for All on 4, even if they’ve already experienced jawbone resorption at the back of the jaw where the bone is thinner initially.

All on 4 dentures give patients many advantages over conventional dentures. This method is more stable over time because dental implants help to preserve the integrity of the remaining jawbone. The implants act as prosthetic tooth roots and help to prevent jawbone atrophy, which in turn reduces the likelihood that the jaw’s contour will change over time. So, the denture will retain its fit. Implant-supported dentures also tend to be more effective at chewing, so All on 4 patients may be able to enjoy a wider variety of foods in their diet. If you have worn standard dentures for years but would like a more durable solution, call our office to schedule a time to speak to one of our expert practitioners about All on 4. Learn whether this treatment option might be effective for you.