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Georgetown TMJ Disorder


Do you live in Georgetown, Texas and suffer from TMJ Disorder?

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, or TMJ, is described as pain in the jaw or joint that is paired with decreased ability to open your mouth, popping and clicking in the jaw when mouth is opening, and discomfort or pain associated with chewing. TMJ often occurs due to a misalignment within the jaw or joint. A consultation with an oral surgeon is recommended in finding out if you suffer from TMJ. Surgery is not required for all sufferers of TMJ. There are several nonsurgical ways to help ease the pain and discomfort of TMJ.

The Procedure

The usual surgery for TMJ involves a small incision being made in front of the ear. A small camera and surgical instruments are then placed into the incision. The scarring from this procedure is minimal due to the incision size. An oral surgeon can help by going into further depth about what the surgery would entail. However, most TMJ sufferers do not need to undergo this procedure.


Austin Oral Surgery: A Name You Can Trust

For 45 years, Austin Oral Surgery has been providing oral health care services to the Austin, Texas community including the Georgetown area. Currently, there are ten Austin Oral Surgery locations around the city of Austin. The Austin Oral Surgery staff is well trained in both surgical and nonsurgical TMJ procedures. The staff is dedicated to providing a comfortable environment and excellent oral health care service to all patients.


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The staff at Austin Oral Surgery can answer questions about TMJ and what the procedure options are. To schedule an appointment, their offices can be reached at 512-402-6677