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Georgetown All on 4


The All on 4 Procedures in  Georgetown, TX

Minimize Your Wait Time for a Fully Restored Smile

Patients who have lost an entire arch or mouthful of teeth want to have their smiles restored as quickly as possible. Now, these patients can sport brand-new smiles in just a single appointment (after the treatment planning phase is complete), thanks to All on 4 implants.

This phenomenon of same day teeth is possible thanks to numerous developments in dental technology, the most important of which is the dental implant.

Dental implants are the foundation of the All on 4 treatment. These titanium cylinders are biocompatible, which means that the surrounding bone can form a secure attachment with the implant after it is inserted into the jaw.

All on 4 only uses four dental implants to support an entire prosthetic arch. The outer two implants are specifically designed with an angle underneath the jawline to better support the weight of the rear portion of the denture.

The oral surgeon can place those four implants in a single appointment, and the patient can be fitted with a temporary appliance to re-create the smile that same day. After the implants have fully osseointegrated, the patient will return to the office to receive a stronger, permanent prosthetic.

The surgery is scheduled after an initial consultation in which the oral surgeon gathers all of the information needed to perform the procedure and design the prosthetic.

In many cases, the oral surgeon can use specialized computer software to replicate the conditions under which the surgery will be performed. This reduces the element of surprise, and typically leads to a more predictable surgery, also streamlining the treatment process.

In addition to the quick treatment timeline, All on 4 implants offer a number of other benefits to patients. They are more stable than conventional dentures, because the implants also help to hold the jawbone in place, reducing the bone loss that often follows tooth loss. All on 4 dental implants also do a better job of chewing like natural teeth, too, due to the bond between the bone and the implant.

If you want to replace a missing smile as quickly as possible, talk to an oral surgery specialists to see if Georgetown All on 4 implants are an option for you.