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Tips to Help Avoid Dry Socket After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Do you have an upcoming appointment for a wisdom teeth extraction? After a wisdom tooth extraction, there are considerations patients need to make to ensure they heal as optimally as possible. A common issue that might arise among patients after receiving a tooth extraction is the development of dry socket. Dry socket occurs when the […]

Will I Still Need Denture Adhesives With All on 4?

All on 4 is a revolutionary method for addressing total tooth loss in patients. Candidates for this procedure include edentulous patients and those currently wearing prosthetics like partial and full dentures. Fortunately, since All on 4 involves securing dentures to sturdy dental implants, prosthetic teeth will not move during oral function – thus eliminating the […]

Options to Restore Oral Function after Facial Trauma

Facial trauma can significantly damage various oral tissues, including bone, muscles, tendons and gum tissue and other soft tissue. If the injury is severe enough, your oral functioning may be compromised. If you seek treatment promptly, you may be able to fully restore your smile’s form and function following facial trauma. Patients who have suffered […]

How do I know if my symptoms are caused by stress or TMJ?

Certain symptoms may indicate a physiological problem or an emotional one. For example, issues like muscle strain in the jaw and vague facial pain may indicate a disorder of the jaw known as TMJ (for temporomandibular joint), or they may be due to stress. Generally speaking, if you’re experiencing any symptoms that could potentially be […]

Avoid a Lengthy Wait with All on 4

If you need to replace your entire smile, you probably don’t want to endure a lengthy wait until you can confidently flash your grin again. A treatment known as All on 4 can help to minimize the time your smile spends in limbo. All on 4 uses just four dental implants to secure an entire […]

Why do my wisdom teeth hurt?

Do you suffer with pain associated with your wisdom teeth? If so, you might be wondering why wisdom teeth are causing you discomfort. These teeth are notorious for causing orofacial pain for a number of reasons. Your wisdom teeth might be causing discomfort because they are infected or because their arrival is crowding the rest […]

Follow These Tips to Help Prevent Jaw Injuries

Jaw injuries caused by facial trauma can cause serious issues that may need to be addressed through oral surgery or some other complex treatment. Fortunately, such injuries often can be prevented by taking a few precautions and using some common sense. The most common causes of jaw injuries include falls, car accidents, physical violence and […]

Are there age requirements for dental implants?

Patients who experience tooth loss as older adults may be concerned that they are too old to get dental implants. Fortunately, as long as the patient has adequate bone tissue to complete osseointegration of the dental implant, there is no upper age limit for this treatment option. There are certain restrictions on children and adolescents […]

Why Oral Health Symptoms Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Your oral health is precious. The oral health system is an integral part of everyone’s daily life. For example, we use our teeth daily for chewing and tearing food. Our teeth also assist with proper pronunciation. In addition to oral function, the tissues in our mouth can become diseased just like other vital systems in […]


Do you experience facial pain? Perhaps your jaw feels tight or makes popping sounds when you open and close your mouth. These symptoms are common side effects of TMJ dysfunction. This condition causes noticeable reduction in oral function along with discomfort in the form of headaches and orofacial pain. Patients with damaged or overworked TMJs […]