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Facial Trauma: Soft Tissue Injuries


shutterstock_77450803-Small-300x200When you suffer facial trauma from an accident, sports injury, fall, violence or other reason, you may suffer damage to the soft tissues of your cheeks, gums and tongue, in addition to broken bones, dislodged teeth and other consequences of facial trauma. An oral surgeon can repair all of the injuries listed above and restore a beautiful facial appearance.

Soft tissue injuries that result from facial trauma can include lacerations of the lips, tongue, cheeks or gums. These issues can vary in severity, which will influence the techniques needed to address them, which may include oral surgery.

If oral surgery is involved, procedures to address soft tissue injuries are likely to be performed on an outpatient basis. The damaged soft tissues will be sutured back together, and the patient may need to return to the oral surgeon at a later date to have the sutures removed after healing is complete. The surgeon will take great care to avoid harming associated structures, such as nerves or salivary glands, while performing the procedure.

When you suffer such soft tissue injuries, it’s important to consult with an oral surgeon as soon as possible to minimize long-term scarring and other potential lingering damage. Additionally, if you do not have lacerations repaired promptly, the affected areas could become susceptible to infection, as the oral cavity presents a particularly hospitable environment for bacteria.

Depending on the circumstances, the oral surgeon may also be able to repair other injuries, such as broken bones, at the same time as addressing the soft tissue injuries.

When you do need oral surgery for soft tissue injuries, it’s important to closely follow the post-operative instructions provided by your surgeon to reduce your risk of an infection that could interfere with your healing. Take care to keep the surgical site clean and be aware of any concerning signs or symptoms that warrant follow-up with your surgeon.

One of our experienced surgeons can repair soft tissue damage that has resulted from facial trauma. If you are concerned about this issue, schedule a consultation at our office!