Facial Trauma: Hard Tissue Injuries


photodune-4014184-american-youth-football-xs-199x300When you suffer facial injuries due to an accident, playing contact sports or as the victim of a violent act, the bones of your jaw and face can be broken and in need of repair. Such injuries can affect both the function and appearance of your smile. To give yourself the best chance of a good treatment outcome, you should consult with an oral surgeon about treatment options as soon as possible after the injury occurs.

The hard tissues of the maxilla and mandible, along with the joints that connect the jaw to the rest of the skull, are supported by a large number of other tissue types, including muscles, nerves and ligaments, which also may need to be repaired due to the injury. An oral surgeon will take care to preserve those tissues as much as possible, as well.

If you experience a jaw fracture, and the break is not properly re-set, you may also develop symptoms of a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, including discomfort and clicking, locking and popping of the jaw. Your ability to speak and chew properly can be compromised.

In addition to repairing facial fractures, the oral surgeon may provide other associated treatments related to the damage caused by the injury, such as extracting teeth that cannot be restored and saved and performing a bone graft to replace missing or inadequate bone tissue.

For more severe injuries, you may get initial care from a surgeon who is on call at your local emergency room. However, even in these cases, you will still need follow-up care, and we can oversee any additional interventions that might be indicated.

If you do not get prompt treatment for hard tissue injuries that result from facial trauma, the damage may not heal properly, potentially requiring more involved treatment at a later time. Call our office to schedule an evaluation and get started on the path toward a fully restored smile.