Experiencing Tooth Loss? 3 Effects Missing Teeth Have on Your Dental Health


shutterstock_96136346-Small-300x200Have you lost teeth? Did you know that tooth loss could have devastating effects on your dental health and wellbeing? Teeth are an important part of our daily lives. They are also an integral part of the oral health system. Since tooth loss has far-reaching effects on oral health and one’s wellbeing, dental health professionals strongly encourage patients to evaluate their tooth replacement options as soon as possible so that people can enjoy restored oral function and an improved appearance. Our oral surgeon offers dental implants as an effective solution for tooth loss. Following are three effects tooth loss can have on a person’s oral health.

Unsupported Teeth Become Vulnerable

Just losing one tooth increases a person’s risk for additional tooth loss. This is because empty tooth sockets leave neighboring teeth unprotected. Since teeth near empty tooth sockets lack support, they can shift into the empty socket and even become loose.

Teeth are More Susceptible to Disease

If teeth are lost to disease or extensive damage, patients might lose more teeth for these reasons. Conversely, losing teeth places extra pressure on existing teeth during oral function. This is because they must now work overtime to make up for missing teeth. Unnecessary force and pressure on teeth can lead to worn dentition. Worn down teeth are vulnerable to breaking and decay because their enamel surface is permanently damaged.

Bone Can Atrophy

Our teeth are rooted in bone. Like other bones in the body, the jaws can atrophy and lose density – especially if teeth are missing. This is because the roots of teeth keep bone active. Lacking stimulation, the body will resorb inactive bone.

While tooth loss is incredibly distressing, there are very lifelike tooth replacement options available. Dental implants are a great way to replace lost teeth because they replace the root systems of missing teeth. Stabilized by bone, dental implants can durably hold restorations like crowns and dentures. Dental implants and their restorations can withstand the pressure and force associated with oral function.

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