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Don’t Wait Too Long to Extract a Damaged Tooth


Dollarphotoclub_49931747-1-Custom-300x200Has your dentist recommended that you see an oral surgeon for tooth removal? If so, it is important to act quickly as failing, diseased, and problematic teeth can contribute to a host of painful and harmful conditions. When dental professionals recommend a tooth extraction, it is because it is necessary. Removing a problematic tooth not only improves oral function, it can prevent the development of abscesses and bone atrophy. Following is helpful information about tooth removal and why it is necessary.

Why Extractions are Necessary

Tooth extractions are one of the most common types of oral surgeries. Teeth may need to be removed when they are a threat to our oral health. For instance, wisdom teeth are commonly extracted as soon as they begin to come in through the gums. This is because wisdom teeth erupt later than other adult teeth and as a result of their later eruption, they can crowd the placement of existing teeth, increase a patient’s risk for periodontal disease, and become infected.

In other cases, teeth may need to be removed when they are badly diseased or injured. When tooth-saving treatments like restorations and root canal therapy are not enough, extraction is normally the appropriate course of action. When removing teeth, our oral surgeons take great care to ensure a positive and comfortable experience as well as a fast recovery. Our practice’s objective is to help patients maintain or achieve optimal dental health and oral function.

Replacing Lost Teeth

After a tooth is extracted and patients have healed from their procedures, they should evaluate their tooth replacement options. Common prosthetics include bridges, which are a series of crowns that close in the gaps between teeth, and dental implants, which replace both a tooth’s roots and biting surface. Our practice provides precise dental implant placement and treatment planning for patients in our area. After a thorough examination, our team will be able to determine if implants are a viable tooth replacement solution for you. We are also available to answer any questions you might have.

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