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Common Reasons for Tooth Removal


shutterstock_71589595-Small-290x300Tooth removal is a surgical procedure that takes out an entire tooth, including the roots. In addition to removing wisdom teeth, an oral surgeon may need to remove diseased and injured teeth as well as baby teeth in certain circumstances. Following are reasons why these types of teeth and situations require tooth removal.

Diseased/Injured Teeth

When teeth cannot be saved with restorations like fillings and crowns or endodontic treatment like root canal therapy, tooth removal (an extraction) is necessary to prevent abscesses from forming and other problems that affect the oral health system. When teeth are internally damaged, they must be treated as quickly as possible because once the root canal becomes infected, the tooth is at risk for developing damage so bad that it cannot be salvaged.  

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the most common teeth removed because their retention can lead to the development of serious oral health problems. Since these teeth come in during adulthood, after all other permanent teeth emerge, they rarely have enough room to erupt entirely through the gums and/or jaw. Impacted teeth are very susceptible to becoming infected and infecting the tissues surrounding them. Moreover, the crowded situation of wisdom tooth eruption can make teeth crooked and overlapped.

Baby Teeth

Sometimes baby teeth don’t fall out fast enough to accommodate emerging permanent teeth. When this occurs, permanent teeth can become impacted or erupt in very unhealthy positions. If an orthodontist or dentist deems it necessary, he or she may refer a patient to our practice for tooth removal. Having a stubborn baby tooth removed can prevent unwanted tooth movement and a myriad of other issues that can affect tooth transition.

When performing extractions, our team takes a gentle approach. We have extensive knowledge and experience to provide the highest quality oral healthcare to patients of all ages.

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