Do certain health conditions reduce implant success?


old-woman-reading-200x300Dental implants have become the ideal prosthetic for replacing missing teeth. This is because this tooth replacement method addresses the loss of a tooth’s root structure, which is overlooked by other replacement methods such as bridges and dentures. While dental implants are very durable and resistant to disease, their success can be affected by particular health conditions—especially those that affect bone density in the jaw. Common conditions that might impede the success of dental implants include diabetes, osteoporosis, and gum disease. These conditions can affect the vitality and density of jawbones as well as the health of soft oral tissue. If you have a condition that might affect the success of dental implants, speak with our oral surgeon, as there might be treatments that can help.

Why is bone health so important to successful implantation?

Like the roots of teeth, a dental implant will ultimately draw on the jawbone for support. After an implant is embedded into the jaw, the bone will generate new tissue to fuse to the implant’s structure. The fusion of bone to metal is what will hold a dental implant in place for years to come. If bone mass is thin or sparse, it can result in an unsuccessful implantation process. Additionally, if a patient develops issues with bone health after successful implantation, it can negatively affect the longevity of the implant. This is why it is very important that patients prevent conditions like gum disease since chronic infections can destroy bone mass.

What can be done about bone deterioration?

If patients have sparse or thin bone at the eventual implantation site, they might benefit from a bone graft or sinus lift. These procedures use harvested bone to thicken and widen areas of the jaw where extra bone is required. Sinus lifts are especially useful since the upper jaw tends to be thinner to accommodate the sinus cavity.

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