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Cedar Park All on 4


The All on 4 Procedures in Cedar Park, TX

All on 4 Dentures Offer Stability and Peace of Mind

If you’re worried about conventional dentures slipping out of place repeatedly, there may be a better treatment option for you. All on 4 dental implants use just four dental implants to give the prosthetic more stability and security and patients more peace of mind.

The four dental implants provide a physical link between the appliance and the jawbone–a link that is absent with conventional dentures which are only as secure as the adhesive holding them in place. The denture then slides over those four implants.

Thanks to the implants used in All on 4, the dentures stay put, whether you’re talking, eating or participating in virtually any other activity.

The treatment process begins with an initial consultation. At that appointment, the oral surgeon will gather data to evaluate your case, including a visual examination and x-rays. This information will be used to plan the procedure.

After the treatment planning is complete, the All on 4 placement can be completed in just a matter of hours in the oral surgeon’s office. Most patients can be fitted with a temporary appliance at the end of that appointment. It may be necessary to return to the office at a later date to receive the permanent prosthetic.

Because the oral surgeon only needs to place four dental implants to secure the prosthetic, even patients who have worn conventional dentures for a number of years and experienced some bone loss as a result may be eligible for this treatment.

Typically, bone loss disqualifies a patient from getting dental implants because there is not a sufficient amount of bone to bond with the titanium implant. However, with All on 4, the implants are placed at the front of the jaw, where the bone erodes more slowly after tooth loss. This makes All on 4 accessible to a larger number of patients.

Dentures that slip out of place can be a major annoyance, and All on 4 implants offer a more stable solution for tooth loss. Consult with our skilled Cedar Park All on 4 providers to determine whether this treatment may be right for you.