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What To Do In The Event Of A Broken Tooth


What To Do In The Event Of A Broken Tooth

Teeth are usually incredibly strong, but under certain circumstances they can crack, chip or break. Our smiles have been directly connected to how we view ourselves, and having a smile in which a tooth is chipped or broken can be a blow to your self-confidence. Teeth can break, chip or crack for several reasons. Some […]

Oral Surgery And Heart Murmurs

Have you ever wondered why a dentist or oral surgeon wants a complete record of your medical history? There is a very good reason they need this information. If you are pregnant, they need to know before they take any x-rays. If you have back injuries, they need to know before they lean you back […]

Corrective Jaw Surgery Braces

For most corrective jaw surgery procedures, braces will be necessary for a period of time before, during, and after the procedure. Pre-Surgical Braces Braces are needed before orthognathic surgery to straighten teeth that may have tilted or crowded as a result of a misaligned jaw. Teeth often become tilted and crowded as a way to […]

Is There an Age Restriction for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the best option for anyone who wishes to replace missing teeth because they truly are the closest thing to natural teeth. The dental implant procedure is the only tooth replacement option that does not disrupt a person’s existing teeth and facial structure, but instead, it allows the patient to eat, speak, laugh, […]

Differences Between TMJ Disorder and Bruxism

TMJ disorder (also referred to as TMD) and bruxism are two different conditions that can both have a negative effect on the proper functioning of the mouth and oral health. People that suffer from bruxism grind their teeth. TMJ disorder is a condition that involves pain and improper functioning of the muscles and joints that […]

Common Problems With Dentures That Implants Can Solve

Losing a tooth is always a traumatic experience, whether it’s due to tooth decay or an accident. To replace lost teeth, dentures used to be the standard. While dentures are a good option for replacing teeth in a reasonably natural way, they do come with their fair share of problems. Common Problems Among Denture Wearers […]

A Beautiful Smile Can Change Your Life

Having a beautiful, healthy smile can improve your life in more ways that you would think. Here are just a few examples of how a great smile can help improve your quality of life. More Smiling Means More Happiness People with a beautiful smile aren’t ashamed of showing their teeth, which means they generally smile […]

Symptoms of Fractured Facial Bones

Facial bone fractures are often a result of a serious accident that causes physical trauma to the face. Whether facial trauma is result of a car accident, sports injury, interpersonal violence, or work-related accident, a person should seek medical treatment if signs of facial fractures arise. At Austin Oral Surgery, our board certified oral and […]

Tooth Loss Cause and Prevention

Losing a tooth can be a very difficult experience, but thankfully modern medicine has provided a way to replace missing teeth–with dental implants. There are many different reasons for tooth loss, from genetic factors to facial trauma from a sports injury. Although not all instances of tooth loss are preventable, some conditions that lead to […]

How to Clean Dental Implants

Although dental implants are not susceptible to decay, you should not throw your oral hygiene routine out the window. Proper oral care should continue to be a priority, and for the most part, it should mirror your routine before surgery with a few minor changes. If oral hygiene methods are not met, dental implant patients […]