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What To Do In The Event Of A Broken Tooth


What To Do In The Event Of A Broken Tooth

Teeth are usually incredibly strong, but under certain circumstances they can crack, chip or break. Our smiles have been directly connected to how we view ourselves, and having a smile in which a tooth is chipped or broken can be a blow to your self-confidence. Teeth can break, chip or crack for several reasons. Some […]

Common Problems With Dentures That Implants Can Solve

Losing a tooth is always a traumatic experience, whether it’s due to tooth decay or an accident. To replace lost teeth, dentures used to be the standard. While dentures are a good option for replacing teeth in a reasonably natural way, they do come with their fair share of problems. Common Problems Among Denture Wearers […]

A Beautiful Smile Can Change Your Life

Having a beautiful, healthy smile can improve your life in more ways that you would think. Here are just a few examples of how a great smile can help improve your quality of life. More Smiling Means More Happiness People with a beautiful smile aren’t ashamed of showing their teeth, which means they generally smile […]

Tooth Loss Cause and Prevention

Losing a tooth can be a very difficult experience, but thankfully modern medicine has provided a way to replace missing teeth–with dental implants. There are many different reasons for tooth loss, from genetic factors to facial trauma from a sports injury. Although not all instances of tooth loss are preventable, some conditions that lead to […]

Dental Implants Preserve Existing Teeth

Dental implants not only allow a person to regain the ability to speak, laugh, and eat certain foods in confidence, but dental implants also help to preserve existing teeth. When compared to dentures and bridges, dental implants stand apart because of their supplementary benefit to remaining teeth. By preventing bone loss and the disruption of […]

Why Pre-Prosthetic Surgery is Necessary

Thanks to the incredible progression of dental technology and treatment, the loss of permanent teeth can be mitigated by several treatment options such as a fixed bridge, removable dentures or dental implants. In some scenarios, surgery may be required to properly prepare your mouth or teeth for a prosthetic treatment for tooth replacement. The Reasons […]

Will My Dental Implants Look Natural?

This is a very common question among dental implant patients. Changes to the mouth or teeth can noticeably affect a person’s appearance, their social interactions, and overall confidence. However, before undergoing the dental implant surgery process, you want to make sure that you will feel like yourself with your new teeth. Yes, with your new […]

Teeth and Self Confidence

Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience for many people. Embarrassed and aware of social stigma, a person that has lost teeth can feel the repercussions on their psychological well-being. Oral surgeons like those at Austin Oral Surgery, are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help those who have lost teeth regain their […]

What Should I Do If My Tooth Gets Knocked Out?

Teeth can be knocked out in falls, car accidents, and sports injuries. Fortunately, a permanent tooth that gets knocked out can be re-implanted if the problem is addressed quickly and correctly. Below we’ve outlined a few steps you can take to care for your tooth in the event of an accident. The first thing you […]