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Symptoms of Mandibular Trauma: Fractures and Dislocation


Symptoms of Mandibular Trauma: Fractures and Dislocation

With traumatic accidents, injury to the mandible (or jaw) is very common. In fact, jaw injuries are the third most frequent facial injury following nose and cheekbone fractures. Two different types of jaw injury – jaw fractures and jaw dislocation – often occur as a result of accidents like falls, car accidents, contact sport injuries, […]

Avoiding Facial Trauma from Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of facial injuries. As there are more accidents during the holiday season due to the increase of vehicles on the road, it is important to stay vigilant when you find yourself in traffic, either as a driver, a pedestrian or a biker. Left Turn Danger Facial […]

Symptoms of Fractured Facial Bones

Facial bone fractures are often a result of a serious accident that causes physical trauma to the face. Whether facial trauma is result of a car accident, sports injury, interpersonal violence, or work-related accident, a person should seek medical treatment if signs of facial fractures arise. At Austin Oral Surgery, our board certified oral and […]

Do Not Take Facial Injury Lightly

Facial trauma includes any injury to the mouth, face or jaw. Such injuries can be very serious; therefore, it is crucial that any injury to this area be properly addressed. An experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon can appropriately treat and surgically repair the many types of facial trauma. Facial trauma includes: Facial lacerations Oral lacerations […]

Ways to Prevent Facial Trauma

Facial trauma can be an unfortunate affliction that can dramatically change one’s life and make daily life a struggle for many people. Though our professional team at Austin Oral Surgery has received extensive training to help those afflicted in cases of facial trauma, the best possible way of alleviating a traumatic facial injury is to […]

What is Bone Grafting?

In dentistry, bone grafting is a treatment option for patients suffering from bone loss in the jaw caused by periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, commonly called gum disease, affects not only the gums surrounding the teeth but the bone as well. Gum disease occurs when the harmful bacteria found in plaque spread below the gums and […]

Preventing Facial Trauma in Sports

Maxillofacial injury, also known as facial trauma, includes any injury to the mouth, face and jaw. One of the most common causes of facial trauma are sports injuries which can result in knocked out teeth, fractured facial bones and dislocated jaws. Fortunately, many sports injuries can be prevented by wearing the recommended safety gear. If […]