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Can I replace both upper and lower teeth with All on 4?


smiling-black-man-300x200All on 4 is an innovative tooth replacement method that restores a patient’s smile using just four dental implants to secure an entire denture. These implant-supported dentures are appropriate for both the upper and lower arches.

Many patients prefer implant-supported dentures to conventional ones because the implants help to make the prosthetic more comfortable and functional than a traditional appliance.

After examining your jaw through both visual inspection and radiography, your oral surgeon can develop a treatment plan for placing the implants to anchor the dentures, including the timing of those procedures. You can ask the surgeon whether all of the dental implants can be placed at the same time or if the placement surgeries need to be staggered.

When the time comes for the surgery, the dental implants usually can be placed in a matter of hours in a procedure completed in an outpatient setting. Many patients will be able to be fitted with a temporary appliance at that appointment as well and then return to the office to get the permanent dentures after healing is complete.

Many patients are candidates for All on 4, including those who have suffered from some bone loss following tooth loss, but it’s important for the oral surgeon to thoroughly evaluate the patient to make sure that the patient’s oral and overall health are good enough for the patient to tolerate the implant placement procedure.

Your surgeon also should give you detailed post-operative instructions so that you know how to care for your new smile during the healing process and beyond. Additionally, the patient should be aware of the signs and symptoms that indicate a problem, like persistent bleeding or excessive swelling.

Edentulous patients who need to restore both their upper and lower teeth can consider All on 4 as a treatment option. If you are interested in this intervention, schedule a consultation at one of our conveniently located offices to learn whether it would be appropriate in your case.