Can I Get My Wisdom Teeth Extracted While I Have Braces?


While it doesn’t happen too often, you can, in fact, get your wisdom teeth extracted while you’re wearing braces.

The timing on when you should have your wisdom teeth extracted is really a question for your dentist or orthodontist. They’ll be able to determine how you should pursue orthodontic treatment and if your wisdom teeth need to be removed at all.

Wisdom teeth are typically removed when they come in misaligned or impacted. Misaligned wisdom teeth can cause other teeth to shift and result in a crooked bite. An impacted tooth is a tooth that only breaks partway through the gum. Impacted teeth are highly susceptible to infection and can lead to illness if not properly cared for.

For many patients, braces will be applied in the mid-teens before wisdom teeth have erupted through the gums. For those who wait to get braces, your orthodontist or dentist may decide that you need your wisdom teeth extracted before you begin treatment.

If you think you may need a tooth extraction, make an appointment with your dentist and ask him or her about what options are available to you. If you have more questions about wisdom tooth surgery contact Austin Oral Surgery today.