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How Untreated Sleep Apnea Affects Your Health

Sleep apnea is an insidious health condition that can be difficult to detect because it occurs when a person is resting. An abundance of research has been devoted to the health effects of sleep apnea in recent years. Some of this research has shown that sleep apnea can weaken the cardiovascular system, affect pulmonary function, […]

Wisdom Teeth Extraction: What to Expect During the Recovery Process

Are you having your wisdom teeth removed? Having your wisdom teeth extracted is a great investment in your quality of life and oral health. Wisdom teeth (third molars) are associated with a number of oral health issues when they are retained. This is because they typically do not erupt like other teeth because they do […]

Common Reasons for Tooth Removal

Tooth removal is a surgical procedure that takes out an entire tooth, including the roots. In addition to removing wisdom teeth, an oral surgeon may need to remove diseased and injured teeth as well as baby teeth in certain circumstances. Following are reasons why these types of teeth and situations require tooth removal. Diseased/Injured Teeth […]

Tips to Prepare for Your Oral Surgery Procedure

Do you have an upcoming oral surgery procedure? Are you wondering what you can do to prepare for your treatment? Preparing for your procedure and anticipating your needs during recovery is a wise move to make. Our practice believes in patient empowerment and education; and because of this, our staff will gladly answer your questions […]

Can all of my wisdom teeth be removed at the same time?

Having your wisdom teeth removed is a great investment in your oral health that can stave off a litany of problems and health conditions. Wisdom teeth removal is a procedure that involves surgery. Many times, an oral surgeon will remove all of a person’s wisdom teeth at once. This is because it is more convenient […]

Facial Trauma: Soft Tissue Injuries

When you suffer facial trauma from an accident, sports injury, fall, violence or other reason, you may suffer damage to the soft tissues of your cheeks, gums and tongue, in addition to broken bones, dislodged teeth and other consequences of facial trauma. An oral surgeon can repair all of the injuries listed above and restore […]

Can wisdom teeth cause TMJ disorder?

You may have heard of a friend or acquaintance who noticed symptoms of a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, like jaw pain or clicking, popping or locking of the jaw, shortly after having their wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon. Because of the timing of the events, those people may have blamed their TMJ symptoms […]

Is the All on 4 Procedure New or Experimental?

All on 4 has become a popular method for replacing teeth among edentulous patients. This is because All on 4 improves the look and function of dentures. While this tooth replacement method is relatively new to the public, it is not an experimental procedure. Studies and research have shown that dentures supported by dental implants […]

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Maintain Your Smile and Quality of Life

Did you know that having your wisdom teeth removed could be one of the wisest decisions you can make for your oral health? Retaining your wisdom teeth can cause the development of a number of oral health conditions including abscesses, tooth decay, gum disease, tooth alignment issues, and jaw and oral function problems associated with […]

Will TMJ disorder resolve on its own?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a complex structure, comprised of a number of components that must work together properly in order to facilitate the jaw’s movement in multiple planes. When there is a problem with the muscles, tendons or bones that make up the jaw, a painful TMJ disorder can occur. In general, patients who […]