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Single Tooth Replacement: What is the best option?

When patients have to choose a replacement for a single missing tooth, they should consider a number of factors. Of course, an attractive appearance is important, but so is structural stability and functionality of the replacement tooth. Patients should consider the benefits of dental implants, which are the only structurally complete tooth replacement and come […]

The Importance of Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Your dental provider takes tooth extractions very seriously and will never advise you have this procedure done unless your dental health will be improved. Third molars (wisdom teeth) usually erupt late in the teen years, and very often, the lack of jaw space can impact wisdom teeth coming in. If this should occur, oral surgery […]

How All on 4 Can Help Restore Facial Features

Do you feel that tooth loss has made you appear older than you should? An aged appearance is a common concern among people who have suffered with substantial or total tooth loss. Our teeth and jaws help fill out our faces. Without our teeth, we can have a “sunken in” appearance. Tooth loss can also […]

Options to Restore Oral Function after Facial Trauma

Facial trauma can significantly damage various oral tissues, including bone, muscles, tendons and gum tissue and other soft tissue. If the injury is severe enough, your oral functioning may be compromised. If you seek treatment promptly, you may be able to fully restore your smile’s form and function following facial trauma. Patients who have suffered […]

I’m considering dental implants, what questions should I ask my oral surgeon?

Have you suffered from tooth loss? Are you reviewing your tooth replacement options? One of your treatment options is dental implants. These are durable and long-lasting prosthetics that replace a tooth’s root system so that lifelike restorations such as dental crowns can be supported beneath the surface of the gum line. By replacing the roots […]

Wisdom Teeth Removal: What are post-extraction considerations?

Wisdom teeth extractions are routine procedures and the most commonly performed oral surgery. However, like any type of surgery, this treatment is associated with certain post-operative risks. Here are a number of post-extraction considerations for wisdom teeth removal. Prevent post-operative complications: Dry sockets and infection are the most significant risks following wisdom teeth removal, but […]

What is orofacial pain and how can it be treated?

Orofacial pain can be very debilitating. This type of pain can affect a person’s everyday life. It also affects one’s ability to enjoy smooth and comfortable oral function. Orofacial pain can originate from different sources and conditions, and its symptoms include any type of discomfort that involves the oral cavity and face. Treating orofacial pain […]

What to Expect During Your Oral Surgery Consultation

Do you have an upcoming appointment scheduled with our oral surgeon? Perhaps you are exploring your treatment options for tooth loss or jaw surgery? An oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) provides numerous treatments and services that help increase oral function and improve quality of life. If you have an upcoming appointment scheduled, following are some […]

I don’t snore: Could I still have sleep apnea?

Although loud snoring can be a hallmark of sleep apnea – the condition in which people stop breathing for short periods repeatedly while they are asleep – the absence of that symptom doesn’t necessarily mean that a patient doesn’t have sleep apnea. This condition is defined by the apneic episodes, which can occur when soft tissues […]

Nail Biting May Lead to TMJ Issues

Patients who bite their nails may think it’s just a harmless habit, but it could be causing significant oral health problems, such as damaged teeth and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Whenever you use your teeth and jaws for a function for which they are not intended, you can cause harm. Biting your teeth places unusual […]