Avoid a Lengthy Wait with All on 4


bigstock-Senior-Couple-Exercising-In-Pa-13911017_small-300x200If you need to replace your entire smile, you probably don’t want to endure a lengthy wait until you can confidently flash your grin again. A treatment known as All on 4 can help to minimize the time your smile spends in limbo.

All on 4 uses just four dental implants to secure an entire upper or lower denture. Because such a small number of dental implants is needed, the oral surgeon can place all of them within a matter of hours. In many cases, patients can be fitted with a temporary prosthetic that day, as well, allowing them to leave the office with a complete smile. Because of the compressed treatment timeline, this intervention is also called Smile In a Day by some providers.

After the dental implants have been completely osseointegrated by the jawbone, the patient may need to return to the office to be fitted with a permanent appliance.

In addition to getting your new smile fairly quickly, All on 4 offers a host of other benefits that patients gain when they choose dental implants as a tooth replacement method. An implant-supported denture is far more stable than a conventional appliance. After becoming fixtures in the jaw, the dental implants function quite similarly to biological tooth roots. Therefore, they prevent the jawbone atrophy that occurs in the absence of those roots. That erosion is what causes standard prosthetics to lose their fit after several years.

Additionally, patients with All on 4 dental implants are able to chew a wider variety of textures of food, even foods that are particularly crunchy, like raw, fresh fruits and vegetables. The bond that forms between the bone and the dental implant helps the appliance to withstand stronger chewing forces.

Don’t want a long delay in restoring your smile? Look into All on 4 as a speedier solution for tooth loss. We’d be happy to give you more information at a consultation, so call Austin Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and talk to one of our friendly staff members today to schedule a time to meet with us.