All on 4: Your Most Common Question Answered


photodune-7209853-dental-implant-xs-300x225All on 4 is a tooth replacement method that utilizes dental implants as a way to hold dentures in place permanently. Dental implants allow dentures to serve as stable replacement teeth that will not budge during oral function. This relatively new method for enhancing the effectiveness of dentures is a service offered by our oral surgery team.

Following are answers to common questions patients have about All on 4 and dental implants.

What are dental implants, exactly?

Dental implants are titanium cylinders that are used to support prosthetics. When only a single tooth is missing, a dental implant will support a crown. If all teeth in an arch require replacement, a series of dental implants are loaded into the jawbone to anchor a denture. Implants essentially act as prosthetic roots for teeth.

How does All on 4 work?

All on 4 works using dental implants to hold dentures in place. Patients receiving this treatment will have minor oral surgery at our practice. Four dental implants will be embedded into the jawbone in specific locations so that the weight exerted on dentures during oral function is evenly distributed. Dental implants feature abutments, which is where a custom full denture attaches.

What are the benefits of All on 4?

When dentures are worn alone, they present limitations – especially if a patient has been edentulous for quite some time and has developed bone atrophy. Unsecured dentures can move and slide during oral function. This can greatly limit a patient’s diet. Dentures secured by dental implants, however, do not move during oral function, allowing a person to eat a well balanced diet and speak with confidence.

An additional benefit to All on 4 is the fact that dental implants help protect bone density by slowing down the process of the body resorbing bone tissue. When the jawbone deteriorates, it can make a patient look older than he or she actually is. Healthy bone mass paired with secure custom dentures makes for a very lifelike and beautiful new smile.

To find out if All on 4 implant supported dentures are right for you, call one of our conveniently located practices to schedule a consultation with an oral surgeon.