All on 4: How strong will my replacement teeth be?


photodune-3095387-eating-an-apple-xs-200x300Patients who need to replace an entire arch of teeth may be concerned about the strength of the prosthetic appliance that restores their smile. All on 4, which secures a denture using just four dental implants, helps to maintain the approximate strength of a patient’s biological teeth.

Dental implants are so valuable as replacement teeth because they are structurally complete, filling in for both the tooth’s absent crown and root after the osseointegration process has been completed. That is, over the course of several months after the oral surgeon places the dental implant in the jaw, the bone in the vicinity will form a strong bond with the implant and fix it as a permanent part of the jaw’s structure.

Because the dental implants act like artificial tooth roots, they have nearly as much strength as biological teeth do. They can withstand most chewing forces, although if you try to chew on anything that could damage a biological tooth, you could harm your dental implant, too.

One advantage of All on 4 dental implants is that the oral surgeon places the dental implants toward the front of the jaw, where the bone wears away more gradually. Therefore, even patients who have worn conventional dentures for many years and experienced some bone loss in the rearmost portion of the jaw may still be good candidates to upgrade their appliances with All on 4.

In addition to their strength, All on 4 dental implants tend to be more comfortable than conventional dentures, too. Again, because there is a root-like connection between the denture and the jaw, All on 4 feels more like your natural teeth, too.

If you have suffered tooth loss and want your restored smile to be nearly as strong as your natural teeth were, consider All on 4 as an intervention. Call our team at Austin Oral Surgery to learn more about this treatment and schedule an initial consultation to see if it might be the right choice for you.