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Is the All on 4 Procedure New or Experimental?


photodune-9725905-questions-xs-300x199All on 4 has become a popular method for replacing teeth among edentulous patients. This is because All on 4 improves the look and function of dentures. While this tooth replacement method is relatively new to the public, it is not an experimental procedure. Studies and research have shown that dentures supported by dental implants are a long-lasting and beneficial alternative to conventional prosthetics. Following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about All on 4 and dental implants.

What is All on 4 exactly?

All on 4 is a tooth replacement system that involves securing custom-made dentures to strategically placed dental implants. The placement of dental implants is important for distributing the weight of dentures during oral function. Four dental implants will be placed in the jaws to hold two sets of dentures.

Why support dentures with dental implants?

Dental implants make for an excellent support system for dentures. This is because dental implants function like the roots of teeth. The jawbone holds and supports dental implants, which in turn supports dentures. With implants, dentures will not move or slide during oral function. Moreover, having dental implants in the jawbone keeps bone stimulated and active – therefore, reducing the effects and appearance of bone atrophy. All on 4 typically increases the lifespan of dentures. Without implants, dentures require repairs and replacement more frequently.

Can patients with bone loss and gum disease receive All on 4?

Traditional dental implants used for single tooth replacement are not usually ideal for those who have suffered with gum disease or bone loss. This is because dental implants used to replace single teeth are slightly larger than the ones used for All on 4. Even if an edentulous patient has suffered with gum disease or bone deterioration, he or she might still be eligible for All on 4. Gum disease is manageable with professional treatment and bone can be thickened and widened with tissue grafts.

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