All on 4: Options for Restoring Your Smile


older-woman-smile-300x300Patients who have lost all of their teeth have a number of options for restoring their smile, and they should consider a number of factors, including durability and functionality, when choosing the treatment option they want to pursue.

All on 4 is one increasingly popular option for restoring a complete smile after tooth loss. This approach relies on four dental implants, which are placed in the jaw in order to support a prosthetic arch. The outer two dental implants are angled underneath the jaw so that they can better support the weight of the rear portion of the denture.

Patients who choose dental implants as an intervention for tooth loss gain a number of advantages. The bond that forms between the bone and the titanium implant makes an implant-supported more structurally complete than a conventional appliance. The implant acts like a natural tooth’s root in securing the jawbone, which means that the appliance retains its fit over time and is less likely to need to be replaced. 

All on 4 dental implants also feel more lifelike, and they’re more effective at chewing because they can withstand stronger chewing forces. Unlike a conventional denture wearer, a patient who has All on 4 is unlikely to need to eliminate anything from his or her diet.

Because the oral surgeon only needs to insert four dental implants in the jaw for All on 4, this treatment is quicker and less expensive than earlier approaches to implant-supported dentures which required more implants. The treatment can typically be completed in a single appointment, and the associated costs are lower because the patient needs fewer dental implants.

Do you need to restore a complete smile after tooth loss? Be sure to investigate all of your options, including All on 4, before making a treatment decision. Contact our team at Austin Oral Surgery to ask any questions you may have, or schedule a consultation to learn the recommendations for your specific case.