How All on 4 Dental Implants Can Overcome Many Obstacles


happy-elderly-woman-300x200-1-300x200All on 4 is a unique method for replacing lost teeth among those who have suffered from systemic tooth loss. These durable prosthetics for the roots of teeth can be used to secure dentures. All on 4 is an exceptional treatment method for millions of newly-edentulous patients as well as those who have worn conventional dentures for some time. With dental implants, a person’s prosthetic teeth are stabilized by permanent prosthetics anchored in the jawbone. This allows All on 4 recipients unprecedented denture security and increased functionality.

What is All on 4?

All on 4 is a specific type of method for stabilizing full dentures. By placing four dental implants throughout the jawbone in very strategic places, a full arch of prosthetic teeth (a denture) can be completely supported and stable. Dispersing the weight of the denture itself and the force exerted upon it during meals evenly on dental implants is what makes All on 4 such a unique treatment option.

What are the benefits of dentures with dental implants?

There are unique benefits to wearing dentures supported by dental implants. First, of course, is increased oral function because dental implants will prevent prosthetic teeth from ever moving out of position. Beyond that obvious benefit are quite a few others.

Dental implants thwart the common issue of bone atrophy among edentulous patients. This is because dental implants – functioning like the roots of missing teeth – will keep the jaws active and stimulated. Preventing bone atrophy will also help extend the life of one’s prosthetics. Bone deterioration causes dentures to fit improperly. When patients continue to use dentures that do not fit, they can break or warp. Moreover, preventing atrophy allows patients to maintain a youthful appearance. Bone atrophy and ill-fitting dentures can significantly age a person by contributing to a “sunken in” appearance and exaggerating smiles lines and existing wrinkles.

Will All on 4 work for me?

Patients who wear conventional dentures along with those who have recently lost their teeth should look into whether implant dentistry is right for them. To be certain, patients should schedule a consultation. Call us today at Austin Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery to reserve an appointment with one of our skilled oral surgeons.