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How All on 4 Can Help Restore Facial Features


woman-bench-stand-by-blonde-157622-300x245Do you feel that tooth loss has made you appear older than you should? An aged appearance is a common concern among people who have suffered with substantial or total tooth loss. Our teeth and jaws help fill out our faces. Without our teeth, we can have a “sunken in” appearance. Tooth loss can also contribute to the exaggeration of fine lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, All on 4 – a method of securing dentures to durable dental implants, can take years off your appearance.

A Fuller, Youthful Looking Face

All on 4 involves anchoring a set of custom made dentures to strategically placed dental implants. Once a patient’s tooth replacement treatment is complete, he or she will enjoy a fuller, more youthful looking appearance due to the face that dentures fill in the spaces where teeth once were. Filling in these spaces means that a person’s lips and mouth will not sink in. Moreover, the appearance of dentures is aesthetically pleasing because porcelain is used to mimic tooth structure and the acrylic bases of dentures are tinted pink so that they blend in seamlessly with the gums. Smiling with a bright set of natural looking prosthetics can instantly take years off a person’s appearance.

Prevent Bone Atrophy

A common affliction that affects those who have lost teeth is the development of bone atrophy. Deteriorating jawbones also contribute to an aged appearance because the shape of the face changes substantially. When we have teeth, the bone in our jaw stays stimulated by the roots of teeth. Once a tooth is gone, there is nothing left to keep the jaw stimulated. Unstimulated bone becomes resorbed by the body through a natural process. Fortunately, All on 4 can prevent bone atrophy due to the fact that dental implants, like the roots of natural teeth, keep bone active. Preventing bone atrophy is important for keeping implants stable and enjoying a youthful appearance.

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