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3D Imaging Technology Can Enhance Patient Care


technology-300x190-300x190Strides in medical technology have greatly improved patient care. Advanced imaging technology has applications in the diagnosing, treatment, and management of oral health conditions. When it comes to placing dental implants and developing treatment plans for corrective or reconstructive surgery, our oral surgeons utilize three-dimensional imaging technology to provide precise and customized patient care.

How 3D Images Are Used in Oral Surgery

When it comes to oral and maxillofacial surgery or treatment, 3D images show, in great detail, all the structures in the oral cavity. These comprehensive and all encompassing images give our oral surgeons a full view of everything from the shape and density of the jawbones to the placement of teeth in relation to each other and facial bones.

This detailed look at oral tissue allows for accurate diagnoses and can identify issues that may affect the efficacy of treatment. For example, bone mass in the jaw is vital to the success of a dental implant. With 3D imaging, our team can see if and where bone may be less dense and determine whether it will affect the success of an implant. When bone lacks proper density, grafting procedures may be necessary.

An oral surgeon may use 3D images to plan treatment, and even simulate a procedure before you come into our office. For instance, computer software along with 3D images can help our team prepare for your procedure by providing surgical simulations. This aspect of technology can increase the efficiency of treatment and its accuracy.

Three-dimensional images are also useful for providing patient education. These images are displayed on high-resolution monitors and our team can zoom in and out on certain areas of each image. This allows us to give great visual representations to our patients on any issues concerning oral health and treatment.

Embracing technology and the latest treatment protocols allows our practice the ability to offer the highest quality care possible. To learn more or to reserve a consultation, contact any of our convenient locations today.